Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese star in this ad for The City of Dreams casino in Manila. De NIro and DiCaprio enjoy the luxurious casino while attempting to outdo each other to get the big part. 
"The Audition at City of Dreams - Manila"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Hey, fellas! You made it. Welcome to Manila. 
Are we finally getting to work on a project together, is that what's going on here? 
Well, uh, technically no.  
We're not up for the same part? 
Well, technically yes.  
Oh come on. 
Now, listen.The main thing is to enjoy yourselves first, right? And what I want you to see is where we are in Manila, because this place is incredible. It's fantastic.  
We're competing for the same role.  
It's not that you're competing, it's more that you're vying for the same part. 
We're vying? 
Well, I mean vying. Didn't you ever vie? 
I'm gonna tell you something. I'm gonna get this role. 
No. I'm gonna get this part. 
No you're not. 
Oh yes I am. 
Oh no you're not. 
Oh yes I am. 
We'll see about that. 
(Lyrics) Hey mama don't you treat me wrong 
Come and love your daddy all night long 
All right now, hey hey 
All right 
See the girl with the diamond ring 
She knows how to shake that thing 
All right now now now, hey hey 
Hey hey

Written Text

They want in. 
City of Dreams 
See it before the rest.

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