Our delicious Gastro range allows you to enjoy the very best tasting fish dishes without spending hours in the kitchen.  
See our delicious fish through the eyes of our frustrated food connoisseur, Malcolm the Cat, who never has any Young’s fishy in his little dishy!  
"Young's Gastro Advert"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Tuesday, they feast on succulent on Young's Gastro Basil filets, embraced with a crispy lemon and herb tempura. I salivate uncontrollably, my dignity in tatters. Thursday, she's out, he taunts me with voluptuous creamy cod gratin. The humble cod elevated with bubbling cheddar and, mmm...nutmeg. Must I endure this torment? All this divine Young's fishy, never in my little dishy.

Written Text

Love fish 
Love Young's

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