How does animation work? You need a team. Working together. Doing all kinds of jobs. And the best place to find any job, in any industry is on the world's #1 job site. Indeed. How the world works. This commercial for the job website, Indeed, begins with a pencil sketch of a castle, nestled in the mountains. The simple drawing comes to life when a 3D image of a "Rock Man" jumps onto the drawing. The man made of rock is in the right place at the right time, catching a huge boulder that is falling down the side of the mountain - holding it back from crushing the beautifully animated castle/house. The Rock Man holds back the boulder, but the very edge of his foot touches a building on the ground, causing it to crumble to dust. That slight mishap causes the castle to feel that it needs to defend itself, so weapons are pointed at, and used on the man made of rocks. The rock man isn't about to put up with the abuse. After all, he's helping them by holding back a huge boulder from crushing everything to smithereens. Or he was. Once he is attacked, the man made of rocks simply moves aside and allows the boulder to do what it does - roll and crush everything in its path. 
"How Animation Works | Indeed"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Search 16 million jobs across every industry on the world's number one job site. Indeed. How the world works.

Written Text

Storyboard Artist 
3D Animator 
Sound Designer 
The world's #1 job site. 
How the world works.

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