This is a trailer for the film 'Cake' starring Jennifer Aniston, Felicity Huffman, Anna Kendrick, Adriana Barraza, Sam Worthington, William H. Macy and Chris Messina. Cake is the story of Claire (Aniston), a woman who becomes fascinated by the suicide of a woman in her chronic pain support group while grappling with her own, very raw personal tragedy. 
"CAKE Trailer"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I made a list and then I checked on the internet to see if they were different in Mexico. 
This is a lot. You trying to sedate a small city? You have big problems. 
How's it going? 
I'm doing really well.  
I want you to verbalize to Nina how her suicide affected you. 
She jumped off the freeway overpass. Landed on a flatbed truck heading to Mexico. Her body got stuck in customs for like a week before Nina's husband could even claim it. Way to go, Nina! 
Spread your legs a little bit wider.  
Should we go on a date first? 
Ha ha. 
Uh, listen, you think I could come by and pick up the rest of my stuff? I think it's prudent if we don't see each other.  
Nice night, huh? 
I came here for Nina's address. 
I can't give you that information. 
I actually brought you a really nice bottle of vodka.  
What kind? 
You're Nina's husband? 
I'm not a stalker. I mean, not in the traditional sense.  
You know, you just could've said you wanted to come over. 
Yeah, but what's the fun in that? 
Oh, hey. 
What are you doing? He doesn't even like you. 
I know ? be your accident. I can't save you. I can barely save myself and my kid. 
I'm not asking you to. 
There's a man outside. 
Get off my property. 
If I can switch places, I would. I wanted to tell you that... 
Make a wish. 
Can't think of anything.  
Doesn't matter. Just blow them out. 
I am in a lot of pain. 
Do you want to get better? Really? 
Say it, Claire. 
I do. 
(Lyrics) Slow slow slow 
Wade through water 
Don't bother 
I cannot fight the sleep is droning 
Into the motion into the night 
Is it the glow that keeps you moving 
Hemiplegia holds me tight 
I cannot fight the sleep is droning 
Into the motion into the night 
Is it the glow that keeps you moving 
Hemiplegia holds me tight

Written Text

"Cake is a serious treat." - Betsy Sharkey, Los Angeles Times 
"Jennifer Aniston is heartbreakingly good." - Pete Hammond, Deadline 
"A redefining role." - JD Heyman, People Magazine 
"It's raw, poignant, and unexpected." - Pete Hammond, Deadline 
"Her comic timing never fails." - Leslie Felperin, Hollywood Reporter 
"An Oscar-worthy performance for Jennifer Aniston." - Pete Hammond, Deadline 
"An acting showcase." - 
"Darkly amusing." - Justin Chang, Variety 
"Insightful" - Betsy Sharkey, Los Angeles Times 
Golden Globe Winner 
Jennifer Aniston 
Academy Award Nominee 
Adriana Barraza 
Academy Award Nominee 
Felicity Huffman 
Academy Award Nominee 
William H. Macy 
Academy Award Nominee 
Anna Kendrick 
Sam Worthington 
Directed by Daniel Barnz 
In Theaters Everywhere This January

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