The commercial begins with a little girl walking on the sidewalk with an ice cream cone - complete with colorful sprinkles. The little girl trips on a crack on the sidewalk, and the ice cream cone goes flying, landing with a splat on the ground. An ant is walking back to his ant hill with a leaf when one of the ice cream sprinkles lands on the ground next to him. Thanks to the fast speed of Verizon FiOS, the ant is able to take a picture and send it to his ant buddies, alerting them to the giant treat that is awaiting them just outside the ant hill.  
"How Sweet It is with Verizon FiOS (:30)"

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When you've got something to share, you need upload speed. And only Verizon FiOS gives you upload speeds as fast as your download speeds. And the fastest WiFi available from any provider, period. So join the millions who get the difference FiOS makes and see how sweet it is.

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