Athletes have a job to do. Talk from the outside is a distraction, but it can also serve as motivation. Watch the Beats film — Hear What You Want 2015 — and see how today's football stars use the Beats Studio Wireless to tune out the talk and focus on their performance to get the job done. 
Featuring: Richard Sherman, Cam Newton, Dez Bryant and Von Miller 
"Beats By Dre | Hear What You Want 2015 - The Next Chapter"

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Welcome to the jungle, I'll be here another hour. Let's go to the phones. Devon, what's crackin'? 
Rome let me tell you something, Von Miller, not playoff proven in my opinion. 
Hundred percent. Hundred percent I agree with that. Where was Von when it mattered most? He was banged up. On suspension, he comes back and gets hurt. Next stop, we go to Charlotte. John, good to have you on, what's on your mind? 
Hey man, Richard Sherman is too much talk for too much money. 
56 million bones. Normally I couldn't care less what guys make, but $56 million? 
I respect Richard Sherman, but he's not having the type of year this year that he had last year. Joel, what's up? 
Dez can play but can he be the face of this team? I don't think so. 
Listen, there's something to that. I'm not sure that they think that he can do that or they would've paid him already. It is all about stars. This guy is a huge star and they still haven't paid him. Why is that? Because they don't trust him. I think you're on to something actually. Back to the phones we go. 
Hey, Rome. Was that hat hamster or squirrel? 
I actually liked that hat. What's his hat have to do with anything at all? What's his hat have to do with whether or not he gets to the quarterback? I'll tell you something about that cardboard cutout. He's got no problem going to the other side of the field to cover the number one wide receiver. Is Von Miller one of their biggest question marks right now, or is he the solution to their problem? But the fact is, he can make it all right by showing up huge this weekend. Dez, are you kidding? You run onto the field without your helmet, you look like a maniac. Question's still out there, Von. Is the stage too big? Is he not the best receiver in the game? Big game, big stage, all eyes on you. Nothing ever lives up to the hype. Reputations are made in the post season. Let your game do the talking. Youth is not an excuse. Welcome to the biggest day of your career, what are you going to do... 
(Lyrics) Pick me up 
Fill my cup 
Pour me another round 
Come on in, mix in the sin 
Come on, shout it out loud 
Let's play ball 
Shootin' down the wall

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Beats Presents 
Hear What You Want 
Von Miller 
Richard Sherman 
Dez Bryant 
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