Outrageous outfits make Von Miller a polarizing figure, but his talent on the field can't be denied. This has been a comeback season for the linebacker, but some still doubt if he's the real deal. The Beats Studio Wireless lets Von focus on the only voice that matters: his own. 
"Beats By Dre x Von Miller: Hear What You Want"

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Von Miller wasn't there last year when they needed him, but he's got a chance to make it right now. 
Whoa, bro. Look, Romie, this is Denver. This guy Miller is not playoff proven, and these clothes and these hats... 
What do you care what he wears? All he needs to do to lead is get to the quarterback. 
I agree. 
You know what's worse than getting beaten down in the biggest game? Being a bystander when it happens. Youth is not an excuse, neither is inexperience. They need you... 
(Lyrics) Because the night is mine 
Let's play ball

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Beats Presents 
Hear What You Want 
Studio Wireless

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