Rex Lee attempts to teach Brett Favre the correct way to pronounce the word "Charcuterie". 
"Enter Brett Favre’s “Say Charcuterie” Challenge |’s #ItsThatEasy Big Game Campaign"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Say 'sharp' without the "P". Say Shar. 
Say sharp? 
Without a "p". Shar. 
Sharp without a p? 
Coo. Like a dove, go "coo". Coo. No, use your dove voice, go "coo". 
Tough without the "ff". Tuh. Say "tuh". 
Yeah, but now let's do the French 'r'. Go rhee. Charcuterie. 
That sounds Spanish. 
Enter the "Say Charcuterie" challenge for a chance to win prizes from Brett Favre. It's that easy.

Written Text 
Favre & Carve 
Enter the "Say Charcuterie" Challenge 
for a chance to win prizes 
from Brett Favre

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It refers to... Commercial for Super Bowl XLIX 2015 Commercial for Super Bowl XLIX 2015

Dates: - May 2015
This Television Commercial is referred to by Commercial for Super Bowl XLIX 2015
Teaser for the Super Bowl ad

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