Levi's® Commuter is built to ride-- our most advanced apparel to live, ride, and work in-- designed for your active, cycling-based lifestyle. 
"Levi's® Commuter - Built to Ride (2012)"

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(Lyrics) Mother 
I reach for you in the dark 
Holding on and I can't seem to 
Can't seem to, oh, begin 
Holding on (I won't) 
And I got my mind (I can't) 
And I got my heart (I know) 
And I'll end up fine 
I won't, I can't 
I know, I let you go! 
I won't, I can't 
I know, I let you go!

Written Text

Stretch + Reinforcement 
For Comfort And Durability 
Utility Waistband 
Stores A U-Lock 
Higher Back Rise 
For Increased Coverage 
3M Reflectivity 
For Safe Rides At Night 
Climate Control 
Lightweight And Breathable Fabrics 
Water + Dirt Repellent 
To Stay Clean And Dry 
Levi's Commuter

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