Heading into another playoff game, Richard Sherman faces even higher stakes and more criticism. Will this be the game that quiets the noise once and for all? Wearing his Beats Studio Wireless, Sherman gets focused and ready. 
"Beats by Dre x Richard Sherman: Hear What You Want 2015 Playoffs"

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It is go time in Seattle where they are a game away from getting a shot at defending their world title. Last week was a warm-up game, this is the title game. Great. You beat them in week one. Nobody cares about that. The plan is to go right at Sherman. He's an assassin and this time he's coming for you. Maybe it's the system and not the guy. When was the last time... I want to see what he does this week... 
(Lyrics) First to tell ya "trap or die", that me OK 
Mister whip or not and get a half a pie, that me OK 
Mister if I'm talkin'

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Beats Presents 
Hear What You Want

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