Two men are running through the woods, with a wild boar chasing them. One of the men is holding a cell phone, which runs on the U.S. Cellular network, in an attempt to find a way to escape the wild boar. Thanks to the 4G LTE towers that provide coverage in places you might not expect, the man finds a wild boar survival guide, telling him to act like a tree. The two men stop, pose like trees, and the wild boar runs straight past them.  
"U.S. Cellular: Running"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

How's that 4G LTE? 
Hold on! 
You sure you got service? 
Yeah, I got U.S. Cellular! OK, here it is. Pretend you're a tree. 
U.S. Cellular built coverage way out here, so you can search the web in a pinch. 
I can't believe the tree thing worked.  
What was your backup plan? 
To outrun you. 
4G LTE towers where you don't expect it. National coverage where you most need it. U.S. Cellular.

Written Text

U.S. Cellular 
How to escape 
Survival Guide: 
Escaping A Wild Boar

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