The Unexpected Leak doesnt have to stop you from running errands, spending time with loved ones, exercising, or any of the things that make you "you". With TENA Pads, you no longer need to fear the Unexpected Leak. Our Super Absorbent Microbeads lock away wetness, and keep you dry. 
"TENA Let's You Be You"

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You know, just because your bladder's changing, it doesn't mean you have to. 
With Tena, let yourself go. Be the one with the crazy laugh. And keep being their favorite playmate. With Tena's unique super absorbent microbeads that lock in moisture and odor, Tena let's you be you. 
(Lyrics) Oh no no 
Finally you've come along 
The way I feel about you it just can't be wrong 

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Women on TENA 
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