Fueled by Water is our tribute to water and the people who are fueled by it.  
"Fueled by Water"

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There is another world where we can break world records in our 90s. Where we can move out into the surf, glide down a wall of water and not look back. A world where we can find our forever pace, where bravery is rewarded with strength. Where working out is the furthest thing from work, and every stroke taps into its unseen energy. A world that's elemental, that surrounds you, embraces you and lifts the weight off your shoulders. This is a world where the only competition is with yourself. And the feeling of riding mother nature never gets old. A world that allows us to escape gravity, where you can dive into the unknown and soar all the way down. Where the hardest thing we've ever done becomes our favorite thing to do. This is where exploration never ends. Where every practice, every stroke, every teammate pushes you to be better. This is a world where you always take the shot. Where you take a deep breath, plunge below the surface and reward your effort with beauty.The world where every drop eventually comes home to join something greater. We'll meet you there.

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Fueled By Water 

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