How do you become a good father? Is it something you learn from your parents, or a choice you make on your own? We partnered with director Lauren Greenfield and talked with some of the best dads in professional football like DeMarcus Ware, LaVar Arrington, Fred Jackson and Kurt Warner, to find out for ourselves. In this piece we show that while you can't choose the dad you have, you can choose the dad you'll be. 
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You really figured out at a really quick age at our home that you just didn't have excuses. So when you committed to doing something, that's what you did. What type of excuse can you give your father when he has prosthetic legs? And he's getting up and he's walking around. He's cleaning gutters. My dad was cleaning gutters.  
First he was my biggest fan. You know, you always felt like what I was doing was the most important thing. And that's something that I've tried to take and apply to my kids. 
He didn't say a lot, but you know, you knew how much he cared for you in his actions. He sees how I am with my kids and, you know, how, you know, loving and nurturing I am with them. I can count how many times on one hand how many times my dad hugged me in public and, you know, showed some affection like that. Uh, now he's quick to do it. 
He never was around. He wasn't a provider.  
I could've had a 290 yard rushing game and had 4 sacks and we won the state title and he's like, good game. Trash duty tomorrow. Although I do raise them with those type of values, uh, you're never as good as you think you are and you're never as bad as you think you are. You're somewhere right in the middle. But I make sure they know how much I love them and how much I'm proud of them.  
How do you know your dad loves you? 
A lot of hugging and kissing, I love you stuff. Yeah. 
I love you stuff. That's pretty good.  
Just seeing him, you know, imitate a lot of things that you do, it's just awesome.  
He has a lot of patience and I think I'm working on that, you know, trying to be like him.  
How do you know that your dad's proud of you? And what does he say? 
Good job, son. You're the best son I've ever had. Which he doesn't have any other sons, so. 
It really doesn't matter what surroundings you're in to become a good dad. I think it's where you want to be and how you see life. If you see life in a negative light a lot of things can happen and you can go down the wrong path. But if you can see positivity, it will sort of blossom into a opportunity to where you wouldn't even fathom where you will end up. 
You know, being a dad doesn't have anything to do with blood. It's not biological. It's about a choice that you make to love your children. 
And what kind of dad do you want to be? 
This kind.

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Is being a good dad something you learn, or a choice you make? 
LaVar Arrington, Former Pro Football Player 
Kurt Warner, Former Pro Football Player 
Fred Jackson, Pro Football Player 
DeMarcus Ware, Pro Football Player 
Here's to those who choose to be dads. 
One Bold Choice Leads To Another. 
Honor your dad. 
Tweet us photos of him using #OneBoldChoice to join our Big Game celebration.  
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