"Audi - Swim - Commercial" 
When a young rebel considers taking a plunge, he envisions the consequences of challenging everything he’s been told. For over 100 years, Audi has embraced that same challenger spirit. You’ll see it in our cars, our company, and in everything that we do. 
This commercial shows a boy at a public pool. He's just had a snack and sees a sign that tells him that he cannot swim for one hour after eating. He stops to imagine the worst that could happen if he swims anyway. First special forces come and extract him from the pool. He quickly becomes the subject of a national and international news story. The pool is shut down and everyone loses their jobs. They even make a movie out of his story, and he goes to jail. After imagining all of this, he still decides it's worth jumping in the pool.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

He's challenging the very fabric of society. 
We are now living in a post cannonball world. 
And now they're making a movie out of it 
Jonathan Lipnicki is Pool Boy. 
Was it grilled cheese? 
Aquatic delinquency is a larger issue... 
One bad apple spoils the whole... 
You did it again, didn't you? 

Written Text

Wait 1 hour to swim after eating 
Camp Counselor 
Holdorf Report - Pool Boy Fiasco 
Keep Out 
Swimming Pool closed until further notice 
Latest news, because of what this pool boy did... 
I get it...I'd swim too 
Pool Boy is trending! #myhero 
OMB did you hear 
A cannonball 
It's all over the news 
Where were the parents 
you have got to be kidding me 
They got Lipnicki? 
P.B.J. #Pool 
Jonathan Lipnicki is Pool Boy 
Mothers against swimming 
We love you 
The world is full of rules. 
Be the exception. 
Challenge all givens. 
Truth in Engineering

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