"Who Got The Swag Now? - Geico" 
This ad shows a pimped out old man showing off his woman, his gear, and his house. How did he do it? He saved a lot of money on his car insurance with Geico.

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Young folks today be talking bout the swag. I got all the swag. Been had it. Look at my house. Nice lawn. Got TV. All the channels. DVR. I never miss Matlock. I got gold chains. Who's got the swag now? Look at my tennis shoes 
I got a new wife. She's a fox. Look at y'all. Who got the swag now? Come one baby. Show em. Show em what you got. Go on. Go ahead. She's so bad, I had to put a ring on her. I woulda put two rings on her, but that ain't the style. Who got the swag now? 
You all be sayin, I wish I was like the old dude. How he do that? Well made a call on my cell phone and in just 15 minutes I saved 15% on my auto insurance Geico. More money in my pocket. Who got the sag now? I does. 
Geico - 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on your car insurance.

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