In 1994, no one knew how big the internet would be. 
21 years later, a new big idea has people scratching their heads again. 
This ad for the BMW i3 all electric car stars Katie Couric and Bryant Gumbel. The commercial begins in 1994 on the set of the 'Today' Show where Katie and Bryant are trying to understand what this thing called "internet" is all about. Fast forward 21 years and Bryant and Katie are seated in a BMW i3, where they are trying to understand what the all-electric BMW i3 is about. Big ideas take some getting used to, but they often make life easier and all-around better. 
"BMW i3 - Newfangled Idea"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Back now at 56 past. I wasn't prepared to translate that.  
That's right. 
That little mark with the "a" and then the ring around it. 
See, that's what I said. Um, Katie said she thought it was "about". 
But I've never heard it. 
Or "around". 
I've never heard it said. I've seen the mark. There it is. At amfeedback com. I mean, what is that anyway? What, do you write to it like mail? 
Here's Allison. Can you explain what internet is? 
See, that's what I said. What do you mean there's nothing under the hood? Katie said she thought this was a car. 
And it's built using wind? Like from a windmill? 
Or a fan? Or a turbine? Or a fan-bine? 
Wow. I mean, what is i3 anyway? 
Allison? Can you explain what i3 is? 
The all electric BMW i3, built in a wind-powered factory with the strength of carbon fiber and BMW performance.  
Come on, loosen up, Gumbel. 
Can you twerk? 
(Lyrics) We're gonna rock down to Electric Avenue

Written Text

Internet Address 
21 Years Later 
Big Ideas Take A Little Getting Used To. 
The Ultimate Driving Machine 

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