It’s time for your Super Bowl beer run. Don’t disappoint a Clydesdale. Choose Budweiser for you and your #BestBuds on epic Super Bowl weekend! 
In this Budweiser commercial, a man is in the supermarket, picking up a case of beer. Beer that is not Budweiser. As the man grabs the case of beer, he hears a horse snort. The man turns around to find a Clydesdale standing next to him, encouraging him to choose the Budweiser instead of the "other brand". All while an elderly woman in an electric shopping car watches with awe. The man puts the first case of beer back on the shelf, grabs a case of Budweiser instead, looking for, and receiving approval from the Clydesdale. 
"2015 Budweiser Super Bowl Clydesdale Beer Run| Budweiser #BestBuds"

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Super Bowl Is Coming 
Don't Forget Your Buds 

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Budweiser Commercial for Super Bowl 50 2016

Budweiser Commercial for Super Bowl 50 2016

Dates: - May 2016
This Television Commercial refers to Budweiser Commercial for Super Bowl XLIX 2015
This is the same commercial, but a voice was added for the horse in the 2016 version

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