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I think there's far, far more pressure on young people today than there has ever been.  
They have so many choices which we didn't have as teenagers.  
When I was younger, everybody knew everybody down the street.  
Life is so much more complicated, I think. I couldn't believe the difference in her when she came back. It was amazing.  
He was just a completely different person.  
Jumping off cliffs, getting in a canoe, and she hates water.  
Meeting new people from all over the country.  
People who have very different backgrounds from his own as well. 
It's given her the confidence to be more independent. More sure of herself. She's just grown as a person.  
He understands life a little bit better as well. 
She was so enthusiastic and she just wanted more of it. 
NCS this, NCS that. And she's still going on about it now.  
National Citizen Service. Some things in life you shouldn't miss out on.

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National Citizen Service 
For Lessons They Don't Teach In Class 
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