Get a sneak peek into the Big Game campaign! Brett Favre goes from NFL star to small business owner. Watch him and Entourage favorite together in a pig pen.  
"Find Out What Brett Favre is Up to Now|’s #ItsThatEasy Big Game Campaign"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Brett? Brett? Brett! Oh, right. There you are.  
Here piggy, piggy, piggy, piggy. Nice piggy. Here piggy, piggy, piggy.  
You're not gonna use actual pigs, are you? 
Well it's not a tofu-terie.

Written Text 
Favre & Carve 
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What Television Commercials are referenced by this Television Commercial?

It refers to... Commercial for Super Bowl XLIX 2015 Commercial for Super Bowl XLIX 2015

Dates: - May 2015
This Television Commercial is referred to by Commercial for Super Bowl XLIX 2015
Teaser for the Super Bowl ad

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