"Skittles Marshawn Lynch Press Conference" 
Marshawn Lynch gives an exclusive Skittles press conference to discuss the most pressing issues in football. 
Marshawn Lynch is a running back for the Seattle Seahawks who is known for loving Skittles and hating being interviewed by reporters. So Skittles decided to have a press conference just for him.

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Marshawn: Is this on? 'Kay. I'm thankful for the opportunity to have Skittles asking me questions today. 
Reporter: Hey, Marshawn. Would you ever want to hand out with with a talking rainbow? 
Marshawn: I wouldn't want to talk to... I wouldn't want to hang out with nobody who talks. At all. 
Reporter: If you could live on any planet after you retire from football, which planet would it be? 
Marshawn: I'll stay right here on Earth. I kinda like it here. 
Reporter: On game day, if you could transport yourself to the field in any way, what would it be: jet pack or blimp? 
Marshawn: Me, myself, personally - I take the blimp. 
Reporter: Marshawn, do you prefer watching cat videos or dog videos online? 
Marshawn: Do I prefer watching cat videos or dog videos online? I'll watch the cat. 
Marshawn: Do I ever wish the field were twice as long so I could get a 200 yard rushing touchdown? Not at all. I'll stick with a hundred yards. 
Reporter: Marshawn, do you think it would be easier or harder to play football on the moon? 
Marshawn: Hmmm, I think it would be easier. 
Reporter: Do you think that everyone should get Skittles when they do something awesome at their jobs? 
Marshawn: I get some reporters right here and their asking me a good question, I'll probably do something like that. So that's a yes. 
Reporter: Which is louder: 25 T-Rexes or a stadium full of Seahawks fans? 
Marshawn: That's simple. The Twelves (the 12th Man/Men) 
Marshawn: Do I think referees keep Skittles under that hood to eat while reviewing plays? Well, I know they got Skittles in there. 
Reporter: Marshawn, what does it feel like to be in Beast Mode? 
Marshawn: You don't feel in Beast Mode. It feels you. 
Marshawn: I want to thank Skittles for asking me questions, and I want to thank Skittles for making the game day more awesomer. 

Written Text

What's on Marshawn's mind? 
Skittles finds out. 
Marshawn Lynch - Skittles fan 
Marshawn Lynch - Earthling for life 
Marshawn Lynch - Watches cat videos 
Marshawn Lynch - Thinks reporters deserve Skittles 
Original Skittles 
Skittles makes game day awesomer.

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