Kid President gives online hate a hug by sharing ways to #MakeItHappy. Watch and learn from one of the happiest guys on the Internet.  
"Coca-Cola and Kid President #MakeItHappy for the Big Game"

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Thank you. Thank you. Thank you everyone. All great talks begin with an awesome opening line. And that was my opening line.  
Kid President is the quintessential ambassador of joy. He is that beacon of light on the internet that calls everyone from far and wide to come along for the ride. 
I think we all need a pep talk.  
The first video we put online we had no agenda other than to make it happy. It was just this kid saying I've got something to say, be nice, I'm out. Then he dances. It felt like a hand grenade of happiness. 
I'm just trying to make the world better.  
Here's what I'm trying to say. Ideas, dreams, stories, the more we share them, the more awesome things get. 
A lot of our fans didn't even know that the kid in this video that's being so positive had been through so much. That he's had over 80 broken bones since he was born. He has this condition called Osteogenesis imperfecta and it's a bone condition. Just like any other person except his bones break. But yet he'll still find a reason to dance. 
We came up with Kid President because we're, I'm always happy and he's always happy too.  
What's happening on the internet is that people are finally voicing that they want positivity, they want happiness. They want to feel optimistic about the future and they want to connect with other hearts and minds.  
So we made this video and I basically wrote it for myself. It was just, everything can be awesome, like, don't stop believing unless your dream is stupid. So it was funny but at the same time it had this spirit of keep going, things can be better. 
We can use the internet for this platform for meaningful conversations and uplift and create connections between human beings.  
And that's what SoulPancake's done.  
All human beings crave these conversations. Regardless of gender, regardless of what your background is, as a human being you want to talk about that.  
We felt this responsibility, let's make these but let's make them matter. And let's actually talk about things that every person needs to hear, not just every kid, but the kid inside of every person. Everybody needs to hear this.  
This is something Kid President says all the time, but if everybody treated the people around them like their neighbors, then we would all be taking care of everyone around us.  
Gimme some sugar, bro! 

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It's our world wide web 
Kid President 
Shabnam Mogharabi 
CEO/Exec Producer, SoulPancake 
Brad Montague 
Creator, Kid President 
Robby Novak 
Kid President 
Brad Montague 
Kid President's Brother-in-Law 
"Don't stop believing unless your dream is stupid." 
How Do We Change The World? 
Be More Awesome 
The Internet is what we make it 

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