The 2016 Kia Sorento has been completely redesigned. It’s bigger, more refined, and more capable than ever before. With 290 horsepower and all-wheel drive, it’s “The Perfect Getaway Vehicle”. So to demonstrate the vehicle’s off-road capabilities and sophisticated personality, Kia teamed up with actor, Pierce Brosnan, to create a getaway so unexpected that even Pierce himself did not see it coming. 
"The Perfect Getaway (Extended) with Pierce Brosnan | Kia Sorento Big Game XLIX Official Commercial"

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You look fantastic.  
I feel great, Chad. 
I mean, you look... 
Thank you. 
Been working out? 
Whatcha got, Chad? 
Pierce, I'm so glad you're here because I got a role that is perfect for you, man. 
Don't tell me. Action adventure. 
Sort of. All right, picture this: we open on you. You're driving in a beautiful car up a snowy mountain road. You're going... 
200 miles an hour? 
No. 30. You look up in the trees and you see... 
No. An owl. You come around a bend, there's something blocking your way. 
A missile launcher, right? 
No. A moose.  
A moose? Wait, wait, what's the mission? 
Oh, there is no mission. 
Top secret, huh? 
Yeah. Sort of. So you keep going towards the summit, your destination, and there it is. A cabin. 
A cabin. And it explodes.  
What? No. It's just a cabin. 
No explosions? 
No explosions. But there are fireworks. 
Oh. I like fireworks.  
Can I keep the car? 
Oh yeah, you can keep the car. 
OK. I'm in.

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The Perfect Getaway Vehicle 
All-New 2016 

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