"Journey Home | GoDaddy" 
Buddy's an adorable pup who's lost and all alone. Gabby owns a business that needs a hand… or paw. See what happens next. 
This 2015 Super Bowl ad from GoDaddy pokes fun at the normal cute puppy commercial. We start with a pickup truck driving down a dirt road with three Golden Retriever puppies in the back. The truck goes over a bump and one of puppies flies out of the back. The puppy makes a heroic journey home down roads and highways, across railroad tracks and bridges, and through a storm. The dog finally makes it home and runs into a barn where its owner is. She is so excited to see him because she just sold him on her web site. At the end, they pack the puppy into a van which Danica Patrick is driving. 
UPDATE: This commercial was pulled from airing on the Big Game due to public reaction related to puppy mills.

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Look it's Buddy! I'm so glad you made it home. Because I just sold you on this web site I built with Go Daddy. Ship him out. 
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New Dogs Just Arrived 
Gabby's Goldens 
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Buddy - Gender: Male, Age 2 months 
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It's Go Time 

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