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"Exclusive Marshawn Lynch Interview with Kenny Mayne" 
The notoriously tight-lipped Marshawn Lynch opens up for an exclusive interview with Kenny Mayne. 
This funny ad for Progressive features Seattle Seahawks running back, Marshawn Lynch in a mock interview. 
inscrutable - in-scru-ta-ble - impossible to understand or interpret

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Marshawn Lynch typically doesn't like to talk a lot. He knows a lot of words, but he stores them. He's about to use some big words like "inscrutable" in the following video. 
Mayne: I can't get through to Marshawn. He just deflects everything. 
Cameraman: Have you tried word associations? 
Mayne: That's ignorant. 
Mayne: Puppy. 
Lynch: Yeah. 
Mayne: Westward expansion. 
Lynch: Yeah. 
Mayne: Condensed milk. 
Lynch: Yeah. 
Mayne: Puppy. Aw, that's on me. I used that before. Five seconds ago. 
Mayne: Alright. Car insurance. 
Lynch: That's an interesting and nuanced question, Kenny. 
Mayne: It is? 
Lynch: Yeah, if I might borrow this opaque projector. 
Mayne: Why does Marshawn have that? 
Lynch: People that switch to progressive save a lot of money, man. Trust me. 
Mayne: That's not very precise. 
Lynch: The numbers are inscrutable to some. 
Mayne: What does that even mean? 
Lynch: It's all quite simple. If you switch to Progressive, good things will happen. 
Mayne: I've never heard you talk that much, Marshawn. It's weirding me out. 
Lynch: I'm all about that Flo, boss. 
Mayne: What's going on right now?

Written Text

Progressive = Good 
Good Things 

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