Don't settle for unflavored crusts. Take the Pizza Hut Crust Flavor Challenge and get any one of our ten new crust flavors for free. 
In this Pizza Hut commercial, a group of men are watching football, eating pizza. Well, most of the pizza. They are tossing their boring, bland crusts back into the empty pizza box. There has to be a better way, right? Right. Pizza Hut along with Rex Ryan, issues a Crust Flavor Challenge. Rex Ryan makes his way around to people choosing to eat boring pizza crusts, and when he finds them, they get the red challenge/penalty flag thrown at them. Even Tony Romo is found guilty of choosing a boring pizza crust. Take the Flavor Crust Challenge at Pizza Hut.  
"Pizza Hut Commercial ft Rex Ryan and Tony Romo - Crust Flavor Challenge"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! 
Come on! 
That's a terrible call! 
Don't settle for unflavored crust. Make the right call with Pizza Hut. 
That crust is incomplete. You know it, Phil. 
Rex Ryan? 
Take the Crust Flavor Challenge and get any one of our ten new crust flavors for free. Plus, order online and get a large, two-topping pizza for just $7.99. 
Not again. 
Only at Pizza Hut.

Written Text

Pizza Hut 
The Crust Flavor Challenge 
With Rex Ryan 
Salted Pretzel 
Honey Sriracha 
10 Crust Flavors Free 
$7.99 Deal 
Online Only 
Large 2-Topping 
Pizza Hut 
The Flavor Of Now

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