The Name Your Price Tool. A dangerously Progressive idea. Flo proves this by going back in time to present various leaders with the name your price tool. She is met each time with distrust and orders to be killed. But present day, Progressive just wants to help save you money, and the name your price tool is quite useful in doing just that. Saving you money! 
"Back In Time - Progressive Insurance Commercial"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I bring the gift of the name your price tool. To help you find a price that fits your budget.  
Kill her! 
The name your price tool. 
She's not to be trusted. 
Kill her. 
We'll save you money! 
The name your price tool isn't witchcraft. And I didn't turn your daughter into a rooster. She just looks like that.  
Burn the witch! 
The name your price tool. A dangerously progressive idea.

Written Text

Central Asia, 1192 
Kill Her! 
England, 1459 
New England, 1680 
Local Agent/

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