Every day is a good day when you’re doing what you love. At University of Phoenix, our 8 schools and colleges have degree programs aligned with industry needs, so you can do the job you want.  
"It's a Good Day to Do What You Love"

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Monday, and there's a lot to do. Meeting at 9:00, report due by 3:00. But it's going to be a good day. They are all when you're doing what you what to do. It's why we at University of Phoenix School of Business built our degree programs to align with industry needs. Because days are brighter when you're doing what you love. Learn more at

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University of Phoenix 
School of Business 
College of Health Sciences & Nursing 
College of Social Sciences 
College of Humanities & Sciences 
College of Education 
College of Criminal Justice & Security 
School of Advanced Studies 
College of Information Systems & Technology 
Learn more at

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