"mophie 2015 Game Day Commercial | All-Powerless" 
When your phone dies, who knows what can happen. mophie. Stay Powerful.  
Visit to find out how. 
Scenes of a world in chaos: 
* Snowing in the African desert 
* Objects start "falling" to the ceiling as if gravity is backwards 
* Fish rains from the sky 
* Hurricane in the middle of the US 
* A tree bursts into flames 
* Penguins fly 
* A man gets hit and run over by a car and gets up with nothing wrong 
* The ground tilts to the side 
* Hyenas come into a news studio 
* Animals are stacked on top of each other (donkey, goat, roster) 
* A dog walks a man on a leash 
* Looting 
* Flocks of birds fly ominously overhead 
* A Ferris wheel rolls down a city street 
* Meteors crash to Earth 
* The waters from the ocean fly out into space 
* An astronaut flies through space 
All because God's smartphone battery has died (gosh darn it). He should have had a Mophie phone case with battery backup.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

I'm live, there is a hurricane in Nebraska. 
Absolute chaos. We've got blizzards in Africa... 
We've got tsunamis in Paris and the whole thing's been tracking... 
Gosh darn it.  
With over 100% more battery power, mophie. Stay powerful.

Written Text

Omaha, Nebraska 
Hurricane George makes landfall as category 3 storm. 
The End of the sale is near 
Severe Weather Alert 
When Your Phone Dies, 
God Knows What Can Happen. 

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