The new Burberry Childrenswear campaign featuring brightly coloured rainwear indigo denim and runway miniatures for girls and boys 
"Discover the Burberry Childrenswear Spring/Summer 2015 Campaign"

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(Lyrics) Now all of my thoughts are of trees 
'Cause they remind me of your green eyes and I can dream 
My head keeps spinning 'round 
I know deep down I have true love 
So I can only hope this seventh? song will be the one to unite your heart 
Be back in line with mine 
I know it's wrong to go on 
And under there's a part of me that refuses to believe 
If I can say it right just one more time 
You'll find that love inside you

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What Songs are featured in this Television Commercial?

It plays...
Girl Under a Tree performed by Sweet Baboo

Girl Under a Tree
performed by Sweet Baboo

This Song is played in Burberry Childrenswear Commercial

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