"Big Game 2015 – Avocados From Mexico – #FirstDraftEver" 
Jerry Rice and Doug Flutie introduce the #FirstDraftEver during the #BigGame 
In this 2015 Super Bowl ad we start in an amphitheater in the middle of a desert 4 billion years ago where God (?) is hosting the "first draft ever". Countries (which, of course won't exist yet) are drafting the plants and animals that will get to live and grow there. The draft is being covered by Jerry Rice, Doug Flutie, and a cave man. Mexico wins with the best pick of avocados. 
We'll let all the scientific inaccuracies of the commercial go because it's funny.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

God: With the next pick in the first draft ever, Australia selects the kangaroo. 
Jerry Rice: Yeah, I like that pick. 
Doug Flutie: Up, hops, jump, verticle. 
God: Brazil selects the sloth. 
Jerry Rice: Off the field issues. 
Doug Flutie: Not a locker room guy. 
God: The United States selects wheat. Wheat. 
God: Madagascar selects lemur. 
God: China, Ginkgo Biloba. 
God: Botswana selects the zebra. Uh oh. 
God: And with the next pick, we have a trade. Mauritius has traded for the dodo bird. 
God: And Mexico selects... 
Polar Bear: Beach, beach, beach, beach. 
God: ...the avocado! 
: Great pick. Love it. 
Doug Flutie: That makes a contest. Rich volcanic soul. 
Jerry Rice: Perfect weather. 
Doug Flutie: It will make Avocados from Mexico the ideal year-round snack. 
Announcer: Grown with love since the beginning of time. 
Avocados from Mexico

Written Text

About four billion years ago... 
(Give or take) 
First Draft Ever 
Avocados from Mexico 
Grown with Love 
Clam, Kangaroo, Koala, Succulent, Turtle, Sloth, Wheat, Aardvark, Lemur, Dog, Alligator, Ginkgo Biloba, Penguin, Zebra, Raccoon, Starfish, Lion, Alpaca, Sea Lion, Rhino, Chameleon, Dodo Bird, Polar Bear, Avocado

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Avocados From Mexico Commercial for Super Bowl XLIX 2015

Avocados From Mexico Commercial for Super Bowl XLIX 2015

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This Television Commercial is referred to by Avocados From Mexico Commercial for Super Bowl XLIX 2015
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