Based upon the acclaimed comic book and directed by Matthew Vaughn (Kick Ass, X-Men First Class), KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE tells the story of a super-secret spy organization that recruits an unrefined but promising street kid into the agency’s ultra-competitive training program just as a global threat emerges from a twisted tech genius. 
"Kingsman: The Secret Service - In Cinemas Feb 5"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Mr. Deveare, you like spy movies? 
Nowadays they're all a little serious for my taste. 
Oh, when I was a kid that was my dream job. Gentleman spy.  
I always thought the old Bond films were only as good as their villains.  
What a shame we both had to grow up. 
Valentine's experimenting with biological weaponry.  
We're gonna have to deal with this ourselves.  
I want you to propose a candidate tomorrow. 
It's freezing. Why are we walking? We jacked the car keys.  
Oh that's my car! 
Huge IQ, first prize regional gymnastics, great performance in the Marines.  
He isn't exactly one of us. 
I'm sure I'll figure something out.  
Who are you? 
The man who got you released. 
I've never met a tailor before, but I know you ain't one. 
Come with me. You see the film Trading Places? 
Pretty Woman? Well the point is, you can transform. 
Oh, like in My Fair Lady. 
Oh you're full of surprises. 
We're the Kingsmen. Teamwork is the most important thing. Pick a puppy. 
It's a Bulldog, isn't it? 
If you're prepared to adapt and learn, I'm offering you the opportunity to become a Kingsmen agent.  
This it? 
Of course not.  
Today is the birth of a new age. 
Sounds like a lot of people are going to die.  
Do I look like a give a... 
Assemble the Kingsmen. 
No stomach for violence. I see one drop of blood, that is me done. 
Are we going to stand around here all day or are we going to fight? 
You came to get me out. 
Sorry, love. Got to save the world.  
Now I'm gonna tell you my whole plan and you'll find a way to escape.  
Sounds good to me. 
Well this ain't that kind of movie.  
(Lyrics) Life been crazy, all advice has been to chill more 
Ironic I've been living off with people down to kill for 
And I find no comfort in numbers knowin' there's always a mil more

Written Text

To Face A New Threat 
A Covert Intelligence Agency 
Will Need Some New Blood 
In 2015 
From The Director Of 
X-Men First Class 
The Secret Service 
Coming Soon 

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