What happens when wireless carriers scavenge back the data you don’t use? Things can go wrong. Very wrong. But with Data Stash from T-Mobile you get to keep the data you pay for and keep the Data Vultures at bay. 
"Data Vulture | T-Mobile Commercial"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

What's that, Lloyd? A vulture? 
Yeah. It's from my wireless carrier. Every month I buy a bunch of data and this thing waits around to scavenge whatever I don't use. 
You know, Lloyd, T-Mobile lets me keep the data I pay for.  
I'll look in to that, Heather. 
Not gonna happen. 
Keep your unused data up to a year with Data Stash. Only from T-Mobile.

Written Text

Data Stash 
Keep Your Unused Data Up To A Year. 
The Un-Carrier 

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