This is a trailer for the film 'Ted 2' which tells the story of newlywed couple Ted and Tami-Lynn who want to have a baby. But in order to qualify to be a parent, Ted will have to prove he's a person in a court of law. 
"Ted 2 - Official Trailer (HD)"

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Happily ever after only exists in fairytales. Yet a talking Teddy Bear is about to marry his girlfriend. 
I now pronounce you, Teddy Bear and wife. You may kiss the bear.  
Proving that Americans don't give a crap about anything. 
So I got some big news. Tami-Lynn and I are gonna have a baby. 
That's awesome! Wait, how do you guys... 
We, uh, we need a sperm donor. 
What is that? What are you doin'? 
I'm getting ready, dude.  
What do you mean, getting ready? What are you doing with your hand? 
I'm doing this for you, so when I get in there I can just bust it out. 
What do you think you're at Red Lobster? 
Hey, Johnny! You did it! 
Right here, buddy. 
What the?! 
Dude, that's somebody's kid! Dude! Get some ice, I'm blinking it in! 
OK, wait, wait, wait. I'm gonna take a picture and post it on Facebook. 
Help me! 
Oh my God, Teddy. Look at this. It says if we want to have a baby, you're gonna have to prove you're a person in a court of law. 
This is a nightmare. 
We gotta fight this. We'll get a lawyer and we'll sue the government for your civil rights.  
I'm Samantha Jackson. You must be Ted. 
Uh, yeah, Samantha Jackson. What's your middle name? 
Oh my God! You're Sam L. Jackson! 
That's great, I mean just like Sam L. Jackson! 
Who is that? 
You ever seen any movie ever? He's the black guy. 
They've denied you the same rights as everybody else just because you're different. 
Can you get me my life back? 
Ted, do you believe you have a soul? 
What did you think, I would do at this moment? 
You want to be human in the eyes of the law. The important thing about being human is making a contribution to society. 
Where the hell's my coffee? You're not building rockets, figure it out! 
What a prick. 20 bucks I could toss a cookie crisp into that guy's ass crack. 
Do it. 
I'm gonna do it. 
Oh my God! 
Who did that? 
Sir, I apologize for my five year old child. Bad Butch! You sit there and eat your fish nuggets! 
Go, go, go! 
Alright, I'm gonna ask you a few test questions. Are you ready? 
Yep. Bring it on. 
Do you consider yourself to be human? 
No, the witness can't object. 
Side bar. 
In my chambers. 
Stop beavering the witness. 
I rest. 
We could totally be lawyers.  
(Lyrics) Fight the power 
Fight the power 
Fight the power 
Fight the power 
Fight the power 
(Lyrics) You better think (think) 
Think about what you're trying to do to me 
Yeah, think (think, think), let your mind go, let yourself be free 
Let's go back, let's go back, let's go way on way back when 
I didn't even know you, you couldn't have been too much more than ten 
Oh freedom (freedom), freedom (freedom), freedom, yeah freedom 
Freedom (freedom) Oh freedom, yeah freedom

Written Text

this summer 
legalize ted 
ted 2 
june 26

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Fight the Power performed by Public Enemy

Fight the Power
performed by Public Enemy

This Song is played in Ted 2 Commercial for Super Bowl XLIX 2015
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