"Slow Knock On Wood - Home" 
This regional 2015 Super Bowl ad starts with a man who just crashed through someone's house during a 50th birthday party. The home owner slowly starts to knock on his wooden end table. Just like a dramatic movie slow clap, he starts knocking slowly and people start joining in - knocking on a wooden steering wheel, a wood table, a guitar, wood trim, until everyone is participating in the accelerating slow clap knock. The concept is that you should make sure you have good home and auto insurance before something bad happens so you don't have to "knock on wood" for good luck while hoping that an accident is covered.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

When the unexpected occurs, don't just hope you're covered. Talk to Farm Bureau Insurance and stop knocking on wood.

Written Text

Happy Birthday 50 
50 Pop 
Farm Bureau Insurance 
Stop Knocking on Wood 
Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance

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