"Discover Card commercial, Dawn of Discover, Super Bowl XX 1986" 
This 1986 Super Bowl ad for the Discover Card features a muscular pole vaulter and a truly terrible jingle. The sure don't make commercials like they used to... thank goodness.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

In this world, you're always reaching for something better. You work a little harder and you aim a little higher. Because the higher you aim, the bigger the payoff should be. It should be, and it is with the Discover Card. It costs you nothing to get and pays you back with real dollar dividends, and a high-interest savings account that gives you a whole new way to look at your money, your future, your life. 
A member of Sears Financial Network 
This is the dawn, the dawn of Discover 
The Discover Card 
Now you have a brighter day in store 
Oh would you sing 
We can find that bright tomorrow 
Discover Card can put your dreams inside 
This is the dawn (this is the dawn) 
The dawn of Discover (Discover Card) 
Discover Card puts money in a whole new light

Written Text

857 024 871 092 
1985 JL Webb 12/87 
From a member of the Sears Financial Network 
Issued by Greenwood Trust Company, Member FDIC

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