Sometimes a little bit of crazy is a good thing. It’s that extra push that keeps you at the gym after everyone else has thrown in the towel, that urge to go for one more lap, or that mental alarm clock that drags you out of bed in the morning to get out there and train. That little bit of crazy is what sets the tire flippers, rope climbers, and 5 A.M. runners apart from the crowd. 
And it’s not just about being able to lift more, run further, and jump higher. It’s about pushing your own personal limits, expanding your mental and social strength, not just your physical strength. It’s about being a harder worker, a more mindful person, a better human. Reebok designs gear that’s forged from these ideals and stands up to non-stop punishment. 
"Reebok - Freak Show - Be More Human"

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Are we weirdos? Can we be obsessive? Fanatical. Extreme. OK, maybe just a little. But maybe you have to be crazy to want to spend every day beat and muddy. And sore. And for what? Why do we do it? But we're not out here flipping tires to be better tire flippers. We're doing it to be better, period. Better leaders. Better parents. Better, stronger, more determined humans. Capable of anything. To honor our bodies and sharpen our minds. To be more human.

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Be more human. 

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