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"ITV- Where Drama Lives in 2015"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

What's in the package? 
You don't get it, do you Jimmy? 
Did you kill my husband? 
Was this the man? 
Don't use my daughter as leverage. You understand me? 
I'm done with being a good boy. 
ITV. Where drama lives. 
(Lyrics) Cut loose like an animal 
Fired out like a cannonball 
But I waited too long 
Yeah, I waited too long 
Got high from a holy vein 
Crashed down in a hurricane 
Love has been here and gone 
Love has been here and gone

Written Text

Arthur & George 
Safe House 
Code of a Killer 
Black Work 
Mr Selfridge 
Home Fires 
The Trials of Jimmy Rose 
itv encore 
itv Player 
Where drama lives

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