"Blake Shelton: Operation Halftime | Hyped for Halftime | Commercial | Pepsi" 
OPERATION HALFTIME is a go! Our good buddy Blake Shelton wanted to help Pepsi say thanks to a few thousand military veterans and their families…so he hopped on a helicopter and landed atop the deck of the USS Lexington, exactly halfway across the country. What happened after that truly brought the magic of halftime to life. For more Halftime Hype, visit

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U.S.S. Lexington, package en route 
Roger that. Let's take positions and land this bird. 
There's Half-Time, and then there's Pepsi HalfTime which is why we brought the magic of HalfTime to Corpus Christi, Texas - exactly halfway across the United States as a thank you to a few thousand military veterans, their families, and those who support them.  
And to all the veterans everywhere - thank you from me, from Pepsi, and from America. 
There's not telling where the magic of half time will happen next, but it just might be in your own backyard. 
We don't have to be lonely tonight 
I need you and I'm right here 
We don't have to be lonely tonight, tonight, tonight

Written Text

Operation HalfTime 
Hyped for Half Time 
USS Lexington 
Corpus Christi, TX 
Blake Shelton 
Hyped for HalfTime 
Pepsi Halftime Show 
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