"GrubHub Pregame Super Bowl Commercial 2015: Wrong Order" 
Well, here it is: the GrubHub Super Bowl commercial that we decided to leave out of the actual Super Bowl. But it’s not like we didn’t nestle it into a great slot. Because the world deserves to know this sordid story of electric scooter-based delivery food woes. Or, actually, they just need to know that GrubHub is a better way to order food. Unless the world wants to end up with a baloney sandwich. 
This ad shows a food delivery guy on a moped/scooter. The man who just received the delivery notices that it's the wrong order so he starts chasing the guy on the scooter. Even though the delivery guy keeps accelerating, the man keeps up and soon they start a conversation about how the man should have used GrubHub because is prevents problems and confusions like this.

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

What is this? A baloney sandwich? I ordered a Cobb salad. Hey! Hey, I ordered a Cobb salad. I ordered a Cobb salad! A lettuce, bacon, egg, tomato, goat cheese, Cobb salad! 
Oh, well next time just order online with There are no misunderstood orders and it's way easier than calling. 
That's good advice. Thanks. I'm gonna take this next off ramp and take a left at Elk Ridge and then head on home. 
Order online for free from local restaurants. Grub Hub. Click, click, food.

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Kaplan St. Deli 
24 Hours 
Hope St. 
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