"IBM Watson Analytics: How to make a smarter decision" 
IBM Watson Analytics can help every business make smarter decisions by using analytics to uncover hidden correlations and new opportunities inside big data. There’s a new way to work and it’s made with IBM. Learn more at 
This pre-game 2015 Super Bowl ad starts with a man standing in front of a giant white dome. A man tells you about how IBM's Watson Analytics can help you if your in finance, farming, or research. He stands next to a cow as he tells of the potential benefits of adding reliance on data and analytics in addition to just your experience in your field.

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Say you're a finance guy, a farmer, a researcher... You used to depend on experience, the internet, your gut. Today you can use IBM Watson Analytics. It can make sense of all kinds of data, uncover hidden correlations, and new opportunities, and give recommendations with more confidence on who will buy, what to make, where to plant. Which helps you make smarter decisions. 
There's a new way to work and it's made with IBM. 

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How to make a smarter decision. 
Watson Analytics - Explore, Predict 
What influences sales? 
The decisions tree shows how Sales is influenced 
Region and quarter drives sales 
Customer Satisfaction drives sales 
Lead volumes by region and state over time 
Volume by region 
Relative volumes 
Sales results - 79.1% predictive strenth - region quarter, multiple, sales 
Watson Analytics can help every business make smarter decisions. 

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