With Weight Watchers 24/7 Expert Chat you can get the support of a real live coach online or on your phone, so it’s easier than ever to stay on track. But don’t take our word for it, let our coaches tell you how it works. 
"Chat with a Coach"

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This is me. 
This is me ten years ago. 
Fifty pounds ago.  
I was overweight for a really long time and now I'm not. 
I'm a Weight Watchers coach. All of us have lost weight with Weight Watchers and are now helping other people do the same.  
You can log in to your computer or your phone any time and you can chat with me. 
We understand. We've been there. We're still going through it. 
You're not alone. And you can do it. 
Can definitely do this. 
I know you can do it 'cause I did it. 
Let's get you feeling awesome. 
Join for free and lose ten pounds on us.

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