On this edition of Showdown with Jerry Rice, Jerry brings in our challenger, the Tortoise, for a phone interview. Unfortunately, the phone line isn't exactly "secure." Nothing's going to stop the Hare from having his say. Visit to see who wins #TheBigRace between the Tortoise and the Hare, brought to you by Mercedes-Benz. 
"Showdown with Jerry Rice "The Interview" — Mercedes-Benz"

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Welcome back to Showdown. I'm Jerry Rice here discussing the upcoming big race between the Tortoise and the Hare. 
Jerry, the Hare always brags about his speed. Fine, but he crossed the line when he... 
Hey, turtleneck, wanna head start? How 'bout a week? 
Yeah, my performance does the talking, OK? Jerry, thanks for having me. I've got film to study. 
Hey, how 'bout you Rice Cake, wanna race? 
You don't want none of this.

Written Text

Showdown With Jerry Rice 
The Big Race 
On The Phone 
Mercedes-Benz Presents #TheBigRace 
See Who Wins #TheBigRace 
The best or nothing.

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Mercedes-Benz Commercial for Super Bowl XLIX 2015

Mercedes-Benz Commercial for Super Bowl XLIX 2015

Dates: - May 2015
This Television Commercial is referred to by Mercedes-Benz Commercial for Super

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