"Big Game: What's Cooking With Ickey? - GEICO" 
Some important tips from former pro football player Ickey Woods to prepare for the big game. 
This pre-game 2015 Super Bowl ad features former NFL star, Ickey Woods, in a chef hat and hosting a cooking show. He tells us that we should always keep our refrigerator well stocked... with cold cuts, of course.

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Ickey Woods: So the Big Game is coming up. Here's a tip from The Ickster: Always keep your fridge well stocked. Because the only thing worse than a fumble is running out of cold cuts. 
Mmmm, mm mm 
Geico, 15 minutes could save you 15% or more on car insurance. 
Gimme some!

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Geico presents 
What's Cooking? with Ickey 

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