"Bodycast - XFINITY" 
With a guaranteed 2 hour appointment window, a 97% on time rate, and a $20 credit if we're ever late, XFINITY is perfect for people with busy lives. 
This ad shows a man stuck in bed in a full body cast. He's worried about the cable guy appointment because he's got things to do. Because Comcast guarantees their appointment windows, the man is able to get out and go bowling like he planned (yes, in his full body cast). He also goes shopping, roller blading at the beach,

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

It's frustsrating being stuck in the house. Good thing Xfinity's got 2 hour appointment windows. They even guarantee they'll be on time, or I get a $20 credit. It's perfect for me because I've got things to do.  
Oh yeah! 
With a guaranteed 2 hour appointment window and a 97% on-time rate, Xfinity is perfect for people with a busy life.

Written Text

2 hour appointment window 
97% on-time rate 
Comcast Customer Guarantee 
Our Promise 
The Future of Awesome

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