"Surprise - Discover it card commercial" 
That's what got our goat! We treat you like you'd treat you. Get your free FICO┬« Credit Score on monthly statements and online. 
This 2015 Super Bowl ad shows a man on the phone with a Discover Card representative. He's asking about the free FICO score that shows up on his bill. The phone rep tells him its to prevent surprises with his finance. The guy is happy about this because he doesn't like surprises. Unfortunately when he opens his apartment door, there is a screaming goat inside. SURPRISE!

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Discover Card. 
Hey there. I just got my bill and I see that it includes my FICO credit score. 
Yep, you have our Discover IT Card to get your FICO credit score on your monthly statements and online for free. 
That's pretty cool of you guys. 
Well, we just want to help you stay on top of your credit and prevent surprises.  
Good, I hate surprises. 
Are you okay? 
We treat you like you'd treat you. We've already given more than 175 million free FICO credits scores to our card members. Apply today at

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Discover it 
We treat you like you'd treat you 
175 million free FICO credits scores 
Apply today at

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