Watch the 2015 Budweiser Super Bowl commercial, "Brewed The Hard Way". #ThisBudsForYou 
"2015 Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial “Brewed The Hard Way” | Budweiser #ThisBudsForYou"

Written Text

Proudly A Macro Beer 
It's Not Brewed To Be Fussed Over 
It's Brewed For A Crisp Smooth Finish 
This Is The Only Beer 
Beechwood Aged 
Since 1876 
There's Only One  
It's Brewed For Drinking 
Not Dissecting 
The People Who Drink Our Beer 
Are People Who Like 
To Drink Beer 
Brewed The Hard Way 
Let Them Sip Their Pumpkin Peach Ale 
We'll Be Brewing Us Some Golden Suds 
This Is The Famous 
Budweiser Beer 
This Bud's For You

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