"Loctite Glue - POSITIVE FEELINGS - Ad Blitz" 
When you have the right glue, you have no worries. 
This ad features a bunch of awkward people dancing with fanny packs on while reggae music about Loctite glue plays in the background. 
* Fix glasses 
* Fix a unicorn horn or bedazzle a jean jacket 
* Hold sealed bottles to the wall and pull to get top off

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Loctite Glue saved our marriage. 
Loctite, yeah, Loctite, boy 
It's me 
Now if you make a thing or break a thing it's no problem 
Loctite will fix it no problem put it back together again 
Now if it's broken it's unspoken what you need to get you to 
Glue! Step one and step two 

Written Text


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