Eight Championships. One Home. 
NBC Sports Championship Season begins May 2. 
"NBC Sports Championship Season"

Voiceover, Dialog, Spoken Text, Script, or Lyrics

Eight French championships! 
Premier League champion! 
Stanley Cup champion! 
Conquers the Tour de France. 
To win the Derby! 
The Preakness! 
Belmont Stakes! 
Eight Championships. One home. NBC Sports Championship Season. 
(Lyrics) Today is the greatest day  
That I have ever known

Written Text

This Spring 
Winning Moments 
Won't Become Championship Moments 
Without You 
French Open 
Premier League 
Stanley Cup Final 
Tour De France 
Kentucky Derby 
Preakness Stakes 
Belmont Stakes 
The Players 
8 Championships 
One Home 
NBC Sports Championship Season 
Begins May 2 
NBC Golf

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