Wendy's has captured the pungent aroma of bleu cheese in a scented candle! No, not really. But they have made a new burger with bacon and bleu cheese all on a Brioche bun.  
"Wendy’s Bacon & Blue on Brioche: Blue Cheese-Scented Candle?"

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Everyone loves the pungent scent of bleu cheese. That's why Wendy's is capturing its essence with the new Parfum de Bleu scented candle. Parfum de Bleu. This unforgettable aromatic experience brings all the power, attitude and aroma of bleu cheese to your home or office in the convenience of a candle. Wendy's is also celebrating America's love of bleu cheese with out new Bacon and Blue on Brioche featuring savory Wisconsin Bleu cheese and applewood smoked bacon on a toasted Brioche bun.  
Discover the essence of bleu with Bacon and Blue on Brioche at Wendy's.

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Parfum de Bleu 

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